Nerd on the Street Archive

Welcome to the Nerd on the Street Archive. As a business grows, it inevitably has to make sacrifices to continue improving. Recently, I decided that one of these sacrifices would be removing the older iterations of the Nerd on the Street website from our public web server. In order to preserve the memory of these older iterations, I am revamping the Nerd on the Street archive. Previously, this archive linked to the various CMS installations on our web server. Now, it will simply host videos demonstrating each installation. I have decided that this change is necessary in order to preserve the security of the website as a whole. While they will not be as interactive, I hope that these videos will be just as effective at portraying the older websites as the pages themselves were.

All of the websites shown here were created by me, Jacob Kauffmann. While some of them were more impressive than others, I hope you see this portfolio not as a sample of the best I have to offer, but as a testament to how far I've come. Enjoy.

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