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Named "Beta Site" at the time (as that's the standard name for a pre-release), this was my first attempt at a fully-HTML website. Wait, no... it wasn't. But it WAS my first attempt at doing this for Nerd on the Street. Well... maybe not. But at, it was the first website.

Despite having been ridiculed for this site, I'm actually proud of it. Its problems were mainly a matter of good theory, bad practice. For instance, why would I put the body of the website in a scrolling DIV? It was actually to simulate a floating footer bar, without having to use anything but basic HTML. The things that mainly killed this were its color palette (which I did intend to change when it got released), messy code with not enough white space, and the fact that every time I posted an article, I needed to create a new HTML file on the server. Remember, I was using a PowerMac G3 at the time.

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