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Ah, now THIS is more like it. Still not the prettiest thing you'll see around, but this website uses purely CSS elements to spice things up a bit. The excessive hr tags and the "stylized" menu button text were another example of well-intentional experiments that ran awry... but hey, it is the Beta site, after all. Unfortunately, articles still require their own HTML pages at this point, though code cleaned up using Aptana Studio 3 (a web development IDE) was easier to copy-and-paste between pages.

I went ahead and ditched the "floating footer" idea in exchange for a navigation column that expands downward to meet the footer, which I thought looked good "framing" the text. Still a fully text header, and no button images either, though the links next to the channel trailer did give the page more purpose.

Some important notes about development at this time: I did have live streaming set up at this point, using the service "Livestream" at the time. While I've since changed services multiple times, know that the Gamma Site's live page existed, as well as the Nerd on the Street Forums. The Forums represented a big step up for me. They were my first introduction to content management systems, as well as to PHP, mySQL, and basically anything other than plain old HTML/CSS. I spent a long time looking for a theme, and eventually ended up using the same one they used over at the Nodus forums (back before they closed in 2013.) I used myBB for the forums. Both the theme and the CMS were important to me, as before I got into a sort of "forum fever," I absolutely hated them due to being very cluttered, often filled with links, and offering only a simple system of communication.

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